Histology – Morphometry


Microvision Instruments offers a range of systems dedicated to your histology and morphometric measurements:

Easy to use, modular and upgradeable solutions – available as fully automated turnkey system or custom-build solution, depending on your own needs:

Automated histology, morphometrics, counting


Histolab system has been developed in order to take several kinds of measurements on various types of histological tissue: counting, cell membrane monitoring, density, automatic measurement of tissue surface associated with a coloring, absorption and emission measurement….

It includes a wide range of features for processing images and
numerous interactive and powerful measurement tools.

Histolab rapport

We have taken particular care with regards to simplicity and ease of use and we wanted the documents produced to be usable straight away: laser printout of the images and the results, storage in files that can be manipulated with other applications, statistics on all of the analyzed structures.

Image analysis is live performed as well as offline. In this case the user loads previously acquired “mapping files”, whole slide images. Offline processing  is compatible with image scanners (whole slide imagers): Hamamatsu, Zeiss, Nikon…

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Aided morphometrics and histology


Saisam system allows aided morphometric analysis: simultaneous measurement of several classes of objects.

Saisam was designed for the dual purpose of measuring and documenting your images. Saisam provides rich image processing functionalities and numerous interactive and powerful measurement tools: position, length, width, aspect ratio, Feret diameter, orientation, radius, equivalent diameter, perimeter, surface, and form factor.


Image analysis is live performed as well as offline. In this case the user loads images from optical microscopy, or Scanning Electron Microscopy.

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  Download Biosciences Solutions documentation

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Whole slide image acquisition in 3D


All Microvision whole slide imaging systems offer autofocus and multifocus functions for the construction of multifocal stacks (Z-Stack).

Abys is an acquisition system that allows you to exploit depth-related information thanks to 3D rendering. Abys operates with brightfield illumination or fluorescence.

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