Technology Partners

Since its inception, Microvision has been building long-term relationships with laboratory and industry equipment manufacturers. Your turkey systems are thus made of cutting edge technologies, available and supported worldwide.

Our systems are suitable with a wide range of equipment. Contact us for more information.

Cleaning Cabinet

Gläser GmbHMicrovision Instruments is the official supplier of Gläser GmbH cleaning cabinets for the inspection of technical cleanliness in France. 


DellMicrovision has chosen Dell equipment for cost and hardware quality reasons. We remain open to any installation on other equipment.


Microvision has agreements with all major microscope manufacturers: Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus, Motic, Optika… 

Temperature Controlled Stages

LinkamLinkam Scientific Instruments designs and manufactures heating and cooling stages covering a wide temperature range: from cryotemperatures up to  1500°C.

Microvision has been working with Linkam for over twenty years.