Immuno8Microvision Instruments offers a range of systems dedicated to your analysis in immunology :

Easy to use, modular and upgradeable solutions- available as fully automated turnkey system or custom-build solution, depending on your own needs :

Control of serum dosage

Immulab system allows you to control the dosing of serums using radial immunodiffusion and to measure antibiotic efficiency using antibiogram readings.
During diffusion, the serum to be dosed reacts with the antiserum to form a circular precipitate. Immulab automatically measures the two diameters of this precipitate.
Image acquisition is performed with a high-resolution A3/A4 scanner.
The wells are automatically measured using a method adapted to the staining, the contrast and the test sensitivity. Measured diameters are ordered on a grid that matches well locations, grouped in charts based on products/dilutions.

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Cell cultures reader

The Celest system is a cell cultures reader operating by means of viral range detection.

Image analysis is live performed as well as offline. In this case the user loads previously acquired “mapping files”, whole slide images.


Celest screen

Results are expressed as binary table of well categorizing: positive/negative

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Measurement of the therapeutic activity in fluorescence – ELISA method

Morphobio-4During the development of a vaccine or any other therapeutic molecule, it may be possible to induce a humoral or cellular response depending on the case in hand. It is therefore important to be able to measure the representative parameters of this response.
The ELISA method allows you to quantify the cytokine producing cells. This method, which is very sensitive, is adapted to evaluating a global antigenic response.
The Cosmic system measures the therapeutic activity in fluorescence by counting spots on Elispot plates. The fully automated system acquires spots and performs 96 well analysis on 3 colours in 35 seconds.
Image analysis is live performed as well as offline. In this case the user loads previously acquired “mapping files”, multichannel whole slide images, acquired in fluorescence.

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Acquisition of whole slide images

All Microvision whole slide imaging systems offer autofocus and multifocus functions for the construction of multifocal stacks (Z-Stack).

Both acquisition systems Cartograph and Irys are dedicated to your immunology or virology analyses. Find below their compared features :



Motorized microscope – Motorized stage


Optional well plate loader

Brightfield illumination or fluorescence

Fluorescence lighting
Motorized filter wheel

Single channel

Multiple channels
Individual or merged recording of the filters/channels in fluorescence

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Irys acquisition system with well plate loader