Anatomic pathology


Microvision Instruments offers a range of systems dedicated to your anatomic pathology analysis:

Easy to use, modular and upgradeable solutions- available as fully automated turnkey system or custom-build solution, depending on your own needs:


Whole slide image acquisition


All Microvision whole slide imaging systems offer autofocus and multifocus functions for the construction of multifocal stacks (Z-Stack).

Both acquisition systems Cartograph and Abys are dedicated to your anatomic pathology analyses. Find below their compared features:



Motorized microscope

Motorized stage

Motorized or indexed stage (optional)

Brightfield, darkfield or polarization, fluorescence – Single channel

Multifocal stacks – Z-Stacks

Cartography – Whole slide image acquisition

3D rendering
Exploitation of depth-related information

For more info,

 Download Multidimensional image acquisition documentation

consult Cartograph details or contact us.