Beyond its catalog, Microvision can provide you with spare parts and second hand equipment.


Microvision offers a wide range of equipment in order to build you dedicated microscopic analysis system:

  • Microscopes allow you to view and measure objects from 0.5µm. Microvision has agreements with all major microscope manufacturers.
  • Fixed-focus or zoom lenses allow you to visualize objects from a few mm to infinity.
  • Binocular magnifiers or mono-zooms allow you to view and measure objects measuring between 5μm and a few mm.
  • The success of an image analysis measurement system is 70% dependent on the lighting. The microscopes are often equipped with several lighting techniques.
    Microvision can provide the entire Schott and Fostec range: light sources (brightfield, fluorescence), ring, backlight, color filters, polarizers, optical fibers, light tables…
  • The video camera offer is very wide; Microvision has selected for you:
    • digital – connected to USB3, Gigabit Ethernet ports (standard)
    • analog – HD color
  • Computing and interfaces – Microvision has chosen Dell equipment for cost and hardware quality reasons. We remain open to any installation on other equipment.
  • Measurement systems by Microvision are compatible with peripherals provided by: Märzhäuser and Prior for motorized stages, Linkam for hot stages.
  • The standard slides allow you to check the measurements taken by the counting software.
  • Upon request, Microvision will study complete systems for integrating optical and mechanical solutions (X, Y table) adapted to your application.

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Spare parts

Microvision provides all spare parts for all microscopes (lenses, bulbs, micrometers, etc.).
Contact us for your spare parts needs.

Second hand equipment

Diaphot Nikon TE 300 (12V 100 W)
2 years warranty – Price on request








Zoom MV1000 – Magnification x 10 – Ergonomic Head
2 years warranty – Price on request

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