Services Partners

Microvision Instruments has developed a network of trusted partners to provide you with complementary services.

Industrial analyses


Akcemakcem laboratory has been created in 2004 to analyze and control industrial products. akcem intervenes in industry branches as diversified as aeronautic, automobile, metallurgy, telecommunication, chemistry, surface treatment, electronic, cosmetic…

akcem offers a wide range of services in microscopy and microanalysis of materials and surfaces, placing at the industrialists reach a very high level scientific equipment and the 25 years’ experience of its creators.



Created in 1989 Artem is a private laboratory specialized in the analysis of materials (alloy, polymer…).

Artem carries out mechanical tests, chemical analyses, cleanliness test… for various industries (automotive, aeronautical, jewelry, dental…). Artem is certified with a Cofrac accreditation on the analyses of materials.


Le CETIMTechnical Centre for Mechanical Industry was created in 1965, upon request from mechanical industry companies.

By developing a multi-disciplinary approach combining all mechanical skills, Cetim offers its customers, SMI, corporations or experts something unique on the market: Supervision of projects change, Industrial control, efficiency in production, Risk management and regulatory conformity, Training.


IFTSIFTS is a non-profit organization that acts as a meeting point between research and industry, IFTS offers a team of over 50 specialists, laboratories and innovative equipment to provide pragmatic solutions to your Solid-Liquid Separations problems.

Life Science Analyses


Excilone is committed to propose to its customers innovative products and a know-how acquired on an unique experience of more than 15 years of his different employees.

For the laboratories of Pathological Anatomy and Histology, we reflect ceaselessly to give users, the innovative and really forward-looking solutions of the discipline. Excilone offers you a unique solution to prepare your biological samples, to scan them and share them, to exchange them, and to analyze them by cell imaging or the molecular content description.