Particle cleanliness – unrivalled detection efficiency

Filtrex and Filtrex Automotive « Optimized » – Microvision particle contamination analysis systems – now include 5M pixels polarized color camera. This on-chip polarized imaging system allows acquiring 4 different polarized images in one pass, thus dramatically reducing sample scan time.

The main benefits, beyond acquisition time gain, are:

  • A drastic decrease of « false positive » – operator particle manual review is greatly simplified and accelerated; sometimes even useless
  • A much better detection efficiency, even if using Nylon filters – the micro-polarized array allows removal of unwanted light reflections.
    As always, filters remain protected by glass slides during analysis, thus avoiding additional foreign particle pollution

The full analysis becomes 2 times faster than the most advanced competing solutions which need a 2-pass scan… sometimes implying mechanical misalignment risk.

Filtrex and Filtrex Automotive, both comply with ISO 16232:2018 and VDA 19 standards, and will be unveiled during Parts2Clean 2019. Stay tuned and visit us to benefit from a live demo!

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