Multidimensional image acquisition

Abys, Cartograph and Irys acquisition systems give you the acquisition comfort you need for your microscopic or macroscopic image acquisitions, whatever the constraints of the sample to be analyzed:

  • Profondeur de champ étendue pour la joaillerieOversized and / or uneven sample
  • Single or multi-channel fluorescence observation
  • Routine automated acquisition of a large number of sample

They allow you to obtain clear and perfectly resolved images whatever your field of application:

  • An extended field of view for your samples overall analysis;
  • An extended depth of field – sharp images whatever the depth of field of your optics.

Multifocal stacks and cartographies can be opened and used by all the Microvision microscopic analysis systems.

Abys Cartograph Irys
Single channel Multi-channel
Brightfield, darkfield or polarization lighting, Fluorescence

Color or Black & White video camera

Z-Stack, multifocus

Z scan

Multifocal stack

X/Y and Z scan


Channel, X/Y and Z scan

Cartography/mosaic of each channel and/or merged channels

 3D rendering and sectional view   Well plate loader – option
Profil de profondeur Tissue cartography / mapping Multichannel  fluorescence cartography

Anatomic pathology, Histology, Cosmetics, Entomology, Jewelry, 3D Metrology

Anatomic pathology, Biochemistry, Cytopathology, Immunology, Virology, Cosmetics, Materials Immunology, Virology

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Irys acquisition system with well plate loader