Particle Cleanliness

Filtrex and Filtrex Automotive are turnkey systems designed to analyze particle contamination for automotive, pharmaceuticals, and aeronautics industries.

analysis of oil products

Typical applications

Analysis of oil products

Controlling particle contamination in oil products, such as fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubricants, is critical for all of the system components.

cleanliness of mechanical parts

Cleaning of mechanical parts

Numerous technologies require the use of fluids and parts, free from particle contamination. Component cleanliness is particularly important in the automotive and aerospace industries and for instrumentation in general.

Cleanliness of pharmaceutical parts

Cleanliness of pharmaceutical parts

Particle contamination control for pharmaceutical parts: stoppers, bottles, packaging, plastic films…

Filtrex and Filtrex Automotive systems

Filters for cleanliness analysis

Filtrex and Filtrex Automotive systems are user-friendly, fully upgradeable and modular – available as fully automated or custom-build system, depending on your own needs:

  • Sample preparation, particle extraction: container and console for part cleaning, filters, drying oven, gravimetry balance…
  • Microscopic acquisition deviceFiltrex optimized
  • Particle and fiber analysis software

Filtrex Automotive


Cleanliness analysis Mechanical parts Mechanical parts, fluids, powders, pharmaceutical parts…
Standards compliance VDA 19, ISO 16232 / 16232:2018

VDA 19, ISO 16 232 / 16232:2018, ISO 4406, USP 788, NF L41-101

User-defined standards

Automated analysis O O
Programmable analysis O
Analysis templates O O
‘’Varieties’’ setting: fiber, particle… ‘’Varieties’’ (fiber, particle) as defined by ISO 16232 / 16232:2018 and VDA 19 Free
Customization of counting tables Tables set out by VDA and ISO standards Free
Customization of classes Fixed classes – as defined by the standards, may be combined Free


Available in 3 versions, Filtrex system is highly configurable. Its flexibility allows you to process your analysis according to current standards of your industry, but also in compliance with user-defined standards.

Filtrex report sample

  • Full range of systems – from 2.5 µm
  • Matte and shiny particle counting, fiber measurement
  • Particle height measurement
  • Polarized camera for increased detection efficiency
  • Automated, customizable reports, data export – link with your LIMS on demand
  • Secure data by access levels, FDA compliant
  • Compliant with international industry standards: ISO 16232, ISO 16232:2018ISO 4406, USP 788, VDA 19, NF L41-101… and customizable with your own standards


 Download Filtrex™ documentation


Filtrex Automotive

Filtrex Automotive is dedicated to analyze particle contamination of the automotive mechanical parts: ball bearing, conrod, piston, crankshaft, injector, toothed wheels… Thanks to settings protected by administrator level, your automatic cleanliness analysis is easily and quickly performed.

Filtrex Automotive report sample

  • 3-step automated analysis according to VDA 19ISO 16232 and ISO 16232:2018 standards
  • Matte and shiny particle counting, fiber measurement
  • Polarized camera for increased detection efficiency
  • Automated customizable reports, data export – link with your LIMS on demand
  • Secured by 2 access levels: administrator and operator


 Download Filtrex Automotive documentation


Resources :

Container and console for part cleaning (video)

Filtrex tutorial (video)