Metallography Station, a turnkey system dedicated to microscopic analysis of steel and other metal alloys structure:

Your Metallography Station is easy to use, modular and upgradeable – available as fully automated or custom-build system, depending on your own needs:


  • Microscopic imaging system
  • Specific software applications suite
  • All the useful tools to post-process and store your data (images, videos, analysis reports…)


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Phases analysis


Areas measures all the objects making up the phases. The results are then presented with full details, or grouped by area of interest, or summarized by statistical values: abscissa and ordinate of the objects’ centers of gravity, length and width, median and thickness, diameter of the circle with the same surface as the object, perimeter, area.


  • Up to 10 phases differentiated and simultaneously displayed for the same field of view
  • Manual or automatic detection
  • « Agglomerate » processing
  • Automatic detection and reconstruction of objects intersecting the edges of the images or fields

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Inclusion rating


Inclumet allows inclusion rating: silicates, aluminates, sulfites and oxides into steels, and discrete second-phase constituents in any other material.

  • Stereological parameters processing


  • Automated or manual analysis of the whole sample
  • ASTM E1245, ASTM E45, ISO 4967 compliance

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 Download Metallography Station documentation

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Decarburation depth measurement

Decarbumet measures partial / total decarburation depths but also the thicknesses of stacked layers.

  • Total / partial decarburation depth measurement


  • Measurment according to predefined or user-defined standardss
  • ASTM E1077 and ISO 3887 compliance

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 Download Metallography Station documentation

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Grain size measurement


GrainSizer automatically measures the size of the steel grains in an unlimited number of fields: grain number and grain number per area unit, average area of a grain, grain ASTM index, global sample ASTM index, grain diameter, perimeter, area, X and Y intercepts.


  • Grain boundaries identification
  • Twins highlighting
  • Measurements beyond the camera field of view
  • NF A 04-102 and ASTM E112 compliance


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 Download Metallography Station documentation

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