Microvision Instruments systems allow you to keep a close check on the granulometry of your materials as the quality of your production depends on their diameters and dispersion:

Easy to use, modular and upgradeable solutions- available as fully automated turnkey system or custom-build system, depending on your own needs:

  • Microscopic imaging system
  • Specific software applications suite
  • All the useful tools to post-process and store your data (images, videos, analysis reports…)

Granulometric analysis

Granix’s specialized image processing subjects your particles to contactless electronic sieving. This technique allows the granulometric characteristics of a population to be obtained quickly. These characteristics are then expressed according to NF standard recommendations.

Granix is an easy-to-use analysis tool. It can be implemented rapidly under both laboratory and routine conditions. Granix is offered as a complete system (optics, video and computing) but also integrates easily into both your existing observation equipment (optical or electronic microscope, photos) and your computing system.

  • Granulometry by opening – Non-contact electronic sieving
  • Micron to centimeter
  • Results: histogram, cumulative curves, statistical and digital values – D10, D25, D50, D75, D90
  • Compliant NF X 11-696

For more info,

 Download Granulometry documentation or contact us.


Shape characterization

Ellix automatically measures object size distribution depending on their shape: elliptical, rectangular, rhomboidal, circular, square.

  • Micron to centimeter
  • Customizable reports, data export
  • Measurement: length, width, area and orientation of the models, position, major axis, minor axis, diameter and area of the objects, form factor: elongation, eccentricity, aspect ratio
  • Graphical representation: distribution histogram, scatter plot diagram and directional, statistical values

For more info,

 Download Granulometry documentation or contact us.