Dimensional control

Microvision Instruments dimensional inspection systems allow you to easily carry out your metrological analysis:

Easy to use, modular and upgradeable solutions- available as fully automated turnkey system or custom-build system, depending on your own needs:

  • Microscopic or macroscopic imaging system
  • Dedicated measurement by image analysis software
  • All the useful tools to post-process and store your data (images, videos, analysis reports…)

Video dimensional measurement

Videomet system for video dimensional measurement

Videomet is a powerful tool for taking dimensional measurements of samples, thanks to its powerful interactive measurement tools: length, axial projections, direction, angle, width, diameter, equivalent diameter, perimeter, area, form factor, x/y/z coordinates.

With its edge detection by image analysis, Videomet becomes a video profile projector.

Videomet report sample

  • Routine measurements using lists of characteristic positions
  • Automatic or user-defined detection and alignment of the edges of the pieces
  • CAD files import (DXF) – inspection and measurement with CAD data seamless overlapping

For more info,

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Sieve control

Sieve control

Tamlab is a test bench, equipped with two optical systems, that allows you to control:

  • Sieves, according to NF ISO3310-1 standard
  • Perforated sheets, according to ISO 3310-2 standard
  • Mesh, according to ISO 9044 standard

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Geotextile Pore Analysis

The Typar system automatically analyzes the aperture of geotextile strips. Typar quantifies apertures distribution and sample profile.  pore in geotextile (mean pore size per channel).

  • Automated analysis
  • Motorized system
  • Results: channel profiles, histogram of aperture distribution (graphs and values), statistical table

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