Consulting and design

Consulting and design

Need for advice and expertise? Equipment integration? Microvision Instruments is your partner of choice. Ask our experts in:

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Beyond its on-the-shelf systems, Microvision designs systems according to your own specifications: optical and mechanical solutions, software, dedicated turnkey systems. Provide us your requests:

Custom made systemsSonde 1


The MV-i probe designed by Microvision is an immersible probe designed specifically for particle observation in most reactors. The MV-i probe consists of a stainless steel tube with a diameter of 10mm and an effective length of 400mm. The fiber optic transmitted light system with 300W source allows greater flexibility of use.

Digital image acquisition is performed by a high-resolution camera with 2 or 5 million pixels.

The proposed software package allows you to save the sessions with the Replay digital video recorder and to take measurements and make annotations while replaying the sessions in the Archimed software.



Velocimet studies the speed of paint running.

After acquisition of a video sequence, Velocimet analyzes the running speed image by image and displays the result curves.




When sorting out seeds, Ceres counts hundreds of grains in less than 3 seconds per image.




SedimetSedimet studies the aerosol sedimentation speed.

After acquisition of a video sequence, Sedimet analyzes the densitometry image by image and displays the result curves.


Geotextile Pore Analysis

Microvision developed a motorized system that automatically analyzes the aperture of geotextile strips. This system quantifies apertures distribution and sample profile (mean pore size per channel).


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