Microvision Instruments

Measurement by image analysis

Locaux MicrovisionFor 25 years, Microvision Instruments, the French leader in measurement by image analysis, has been designing and marketing turnkey systems dedicated to macroscopic and microscopic analysis.

Thousands of worldwide users enjoy Microvision Instruments user-friendly solutions and customer services efficiency. Its expertise covers all stages from samples preparation equipment to analysis reports production, including acquisition and image processing devices. Microvision Instruments solutions comply with industries and life sciences standards: aeronautics, cosmetics, pharmacy, food-processing, energy…

Microvision Instruments is ISO 9001 certified. Its management system is risk-based to ensure you reliable and desired quality goods and services. Customer satisfaction is also at the heart of a continuous improvement process.

Professional solutions

By choosing Microvision, you can rely on user friendly systems developed in partnership with the key industrial players:

  • Turnkey systems for the industry (particle contamination control, metallography, granulometry, metrology…) and for the life sciences (bacteriology, immunology, virology, histology…),
  • Complementary multipurpose systems and applications (event analysis, whole slide imaging, analyses archiving…)

Microvision solutions are made of:

  • Professional solutions, fully compatible with the leading brands of microscopes and optical precision devices
  • Modular, user friendly, easy to use, and cost effective systems


Microvision Instruments experts team (mechanics, optics, electronics, computing) supports your systems all over the world in order to guarantee their performance and help your users.

Worldwide reach

The company is headquartered in France, Evry. Microvision relies on a strong network of resellers, integrators and agents to provide local support to its customers. More than 1,500 Microvision systems have been deployed across more than 35 countries.

Expertise and innovation

The company is leaded by Olivier Huin and Christophe Boussard, both experts in the technologies and applications of microscopy and measurement by image analysis. They founded Microvision Instruments in 1992. The company reinvests 15% of its annual revenues in R&D effort to maintain its innovation leadership.

Microvision Instruments is an Advisor to the BNA (Automotive standardization committee) as an expert in automotive component cleanliness (ISO 16232 standard).



Microvision Instruments inception

Start of export to Japan; first distribution agreement

Design of the first software application displaying image from an analog video camera in real-time – PC running on Windows 3.1


Start of the design office and custom developments activities


Particule-5-1First PC-version of Filtrex


Distribution agreement for Switzerland


500th deployed system


Distribution agreement for Egypt


1st system delivered in China


Birth of the digital platform « Nazca »

2005 – 2015

Development of export distribution agreements: USA (2005), Mexico (2005), Saudi Arabia (2014), India (2015).


Launch of Filtrex Automotive

More than 1,500 deployed systems


Launch of Irys robot


 Corporate presentation (FR)