Measurement by image analysis.

Microvision Instruments, the French leader in microscopic measurement by image analysis, offers to research laboratories and manufacturing control facilities:

  • Turnkey systems dedicated to macroscopic and microscopic analysis
  • Custom developments
  • Maintenance, technical assistance, advice and training.

By choosing Microvision, you can rely on user friendly systems developed in partnership with the key industrial players: automotive, aeronautics, cosmetics, pharmacy, food-processing, energy, metal industry…

More than 1.500 deployed systems for all your analyses: particulate contamination control, metallography, granulometry, bacteriology, immunology, virology, histology, dimensional control, event analysis, wide field cartography…

Microvision Instruments is ISO 9001 certified. Its management system is risk-based to ensure you reliable and desired quality goods and services. Customer satisfaction is also at the heart of a continuous improvement process.